Dates for the league organizational meetings (2018)

All volunteers from each team are invited

Updated Wednesday April 4, 2018 by Stanley Park Baseball.

PHOTO: Volunteers sorting the equipment in the fall of 2017 so things will be ready when the weather breaks so we can play in 2018!


We're gearing up for the start of our spring ball season and want to keep you "in the loop".

The rosters and schedules are not released until approved and finalized at the League Organizational Meetings. Prior information is bot available.  We host a separate organizational meeting for each league. Please familiarize yourself with the following information so you and your child can enjoy the season to the fullest. (Should you attend? --- please read the material following the list of meeting dates.) 

ATTENDEES SHOULD COME EARLY - 15 to 20 minutes would be good! There is a lot of material to cover (see below).  The plan is to confirm the schedules and team rosters and cover the basics so we adjourn the formal session within 2 hours,  (Blastball 1 1/2 hours).  

Dates of the Organizational Meetings - for 2018

3-PITCH (both Junior and Senior Leagues): 6:30 pm (arrival at 6:15 pm is good)  WEDNESDAY APRIL 18 in the community room, upstairs in the Zehrs store at Stanley Park Mall.  

SENIOR T-Ball:  6:30 pm (arrival at 6:15 pm is good) THURSDAY APRL 19 in the community room, upstairs in the Zehrs store at Stanley Park Mall.   

JUNIOR T-Ball:  SCHEDULED for 6:30 p.m. on FRIDAY APRIL 20  (arrival  at 6:15 pm - or earlier please - is good) in the general purpose room (gym) at the Lyle Hallman Recresation Centre (corner of Heritage & Ottawa St.)  

BLASTBALL:  SCHEDULED for 9:30 am (arrival at 9:15 am - or earlier - is good)  on SATURDAY APRIL 21  in the general purpose room (gym) at the Lyle Hallman Recresation Centre (corner of Heritage & Ottawa St.) 

We will do everything we reasonably can to ensure each team is well represented at its respective meeting as each team is coached and managed by those with children on the team. Your presence is both welcome and appreciated, regardless of your volunteer role with your child's team.

 Considerations for all the above sessions:

*** Team rosters and schedules are reviewed at the appropriate session and, once finalized, become official and only then are they released to affected participants. Prior information is not available. 
  • These meetings are NOT for players. They are sessions at which representatives from each team (Coaches, assistants, helpers, admin, sportsmanship, website, etc. = all volunteers interested in helping with their youngster's team) can meet, get & ratify the team rosters, schedules, playoff formats, etc. and learn about league policies, procedures, website & communication tools, etc. We do however undertsand that some people, in order to attend, will have to bring their child - and a colouring book please!
  • We do not provide any coaches for the teams.  All teams are coached and managed by players' parents and/or relatives. All are expected to help whenever and however they can - as agreed to when they registered.
  • Ideally each team should have a minimum of 3 (preferably 4 or 5 for Blastball and Junior T-Ball) representatives in attendance. These people are not necessarily the key "coaches" but are expected to contact the rest of the team, arrange a team meeting and relay all the information.
  • The team uniforms and equipment will only be given to designated team representatives of those teams with adequate representation at the appropriate league meeting.
  • Uniforms are NOT given to players at these meetings. Uniforms and information for indivdual players will be handled through the team representatives at team meeting(s) and/or practices arranged by each team.  We do not arrange team meetings.
  • The first games of the schedule could occur as early as April 28. It is important, for team dynamics and organization, that each team have at least one meeting/practice before its first scheduled game.   
  • Team photos will be done (indoors) by team appointment in the gymnasium at Lyle Hallman Pool as scheduled on Sat May 12 (morning through early afternoon). Exact time TBD depending on player availability of each team. Information on the photo packages is available on the website. Appointments will be assigned, subject to confirmation, at the meeting.
  • The website communicate system will generate Emails to each player as new information is made available. Please add additional Email addresses to your profile so you can receive notices wherever needed: work, home, mobile, player, guardian, etc.  You can invite as many people (add them to your contact list) as you wish.  We cannot do this for you. Note: We have activated TEXT MESSAGING for faster communication. You may need to activate TEXT on your profile for this to work at your end. 
  • Text and Email will be our main communications method - so please set your devices so messages from us, Sports SignUp, Sports Illustrated, and/or League Toolbox aren't treated as spam.

Hope to see good representation from each team at these sessions so each team can get off to a good start and players can benefit from some good practices, develop their skills and start having fun right away!  It's only an eight week season so everyone's help is needed & appreciated.

Who are we counting on attending? All those who indicated a willingness to step forward and take a lead position as coach, assistant coach or one of the main leaders for the team. Confirmation of your attendance will help minimize the number of telephone calls we need to make to ensure each team is well-represented. 

Who are we expecting will be there?  Those who volunteered to help their team in some capacity and those wishing to do so now in whatever capacity.

Who are we hoping will be there? Those interested enough to come out and at least volunteer to help get things off to a good start.

The objective: By the end of the meeting each team is responsible for its own operation – we do not operate the teams themselves.

Assistance, tips?: Our website has a lot of information on coaching drills, etc. including the Rally Cap Program and the complete set of modules for the Learn to Play Program.

There is also a whole library of material on our site of interest to parents on how to help with the team.  Please make use of the material at your leisure.

The more effort everyone puts in, the better the program is for everyone – and that includes your own kids – and the more fun it is for everyone!

Not at the meeting?:  Not everyone is able and/or expected to attend – although Blastball almost needs it and it takes a real group effort for Junior as well. We’ll do what we can to try and ensure others from your team are in attendance and then one of them will be in contact with you with details on the first team meeting. In addition you will receive team information, schedules, etc directly from our site once the organizational meeting is over and everything is checked & confirmed. You will also have access to your team roster, schedule, etc on the website at that time.

Start practising!

Gord Dearborn, Chair Stanley Park Ball


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Rob Whyte commented on March 28, 4:50pm
"Why can team rosters not be provided before the meeting so coaches can call parents to arrange meeting or initial practice?"
WebSite Admin (GD) commented on April 16, 2:37am
"Team rosters and schedules are worked on to be ready for the organizational meetings and then finalized at the respective meeting. Releasing preliminary information (still being checked and modified) would be not only confusing, but also counter-productive. We are still working on getting access to diamonds to accommodate requests and processing applications to play."
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